La Rockita - Mexican restaurant in Corvallis

      It seems that the Mexican food restaurants in Corvallis all rate about the same. That tells me the Mexican food here is, overall, just average, and even though this is Oregon, I think rating average places at a 4 or 5 is a disservice to...More

    thumb YueYou

      Important to know that if you include a tip on your debit or credit card the owner will keep the money and it won't go to your waitress!!!! Not Cool ! Other than that, This is one of my favorite places to eat in Corvallis...More

    thumb CPCK1125

      Oregon is not known for its Mexican food, but being from Texas it was important that my husband and I find something edible in town to quench our cravings in between visits home. We actually really like La Rockita and eat there almost every week...More

    thumb jamieloo

      Our first visit to La Rockita and now I wonder why we had not been there before. I must say having been to almost all of the Mexican restaurants in the Corvallis area I was pleasantly surprised, the burrito that I ordered actually had that...More

    thumb Kirt E

      The food was really good, but the staff was kind of rude. The carribean seafood chowder was amazing!

    thumb Kristy R.

      Driving up it's definitely a dated building and the inside a bit dated but it's one of those southeastern Michigan classics. Everyone has had a redcoat burger.

    The wait staff is always friendly and getting there early is a must because it gets busy.

    I have never had anything but a burger and for the most part they are great. Amazing topping and their brasserie burger is the complete package. Also those fries!! I am not a big French fry person but these are good. I also get a side of zip sauce for dunking. And to finish off a great meal the cream puff is the way to go.

    If you are from here and haven't been here you better put it on your list!

    thumb Alan W.

      Went here for the first time a couple days ago. It was a Friday night and packed - about a 45 min wait to be seated. I heard the thing to get here is their burgers, so obviously had to get one! Toppings for their burgers are a la carte. Not too big of a deal but $1.50 for a piece of unmelted Gouda cheese on the burger seemed a bit ridiculous. $.65 for bbq sauce? I get charging for things like bacon and avocado and other fancy toppings but I was a little surprised about the bbq sauce. Burger was good though - they definitely didn't skimp on the avocado or bacon like most places do! Another person in my party had the fish and chips and she really enjoyed. Breading looked nice and crisp, fish looked fluffy.

    thumb Lindsey R.

      Ended up here on a very crowded Saturday night last weekend and the wait wasn't bad at the door so we gave it a try. Unfortunately it wasn't worth the trip or wait at the table.

    First of all they don't really have much room for people who are waiting to be seated, very inconvenient for those at tables and those standing awkwardly waiting too close to them while they eat.
    Second of all we were told that we couldn't get our drinks because there are no more cups in the kitchen to pour in? Lol okay.
    We waited a good 30 minutes after ordering or food and drinks for our flattt drinks to arrive THEN waited 1.5 hours for our food that was horrible and not worth the wait or price.
    The fish and chips were soakeddd in deep fry oil. I forced the first piece down and then got super nauseous! Thank god I had that piece of lemon there. The bacon in their burger tasted like motor oil, completely inedible and threw them out the sandwich! fries were the only thing that were semi-decent. The clam chowder didn't have much flavor either. Wanted chicken in a Ceaser salad and was told I couldn't do that even if I wanted to pay the slight up charge, I had to Go with a full order? Very annoying and not considerate, I mean how hard is it really ?

    I do not recommend this place to anyone! I wanted to leave after the order was placed and then was told they don't have cups but also didn't wanna ruin the date and we drove a ways to get there but I will never again! Don't understand the crowd either, Do people enjoy paying and eating shitty food? Can't believe how much business this dirty tavern gets. Don't bother!

    thumb Zara H.

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